Places I've been/lived
Posted Tuesday, November 10, 2009 10:06 AM

I thought of some of the places I've been-- from Hong Kong to New York City [caught the World's Fair before it closed in '65], Canada to Mexico; and then I went back and thought of all the places that I lived —not just visited--and found that it's a lot. Hawaii, Philippines, Texas, Mississippi, Virginia, New Jersey, California, Montana, Washington State, Missouri, Colorado, & Florida.

As for places that I recommend—almost any of the National Parks—and I have visited several as I am sure you have—Glacier, Yellowstone, Sequoia, Redwood Parks, Yosemite, Blueridge Parkway, Grand Canyon, Jamestown, Manassas, and the list goes on—but don't forget our northern neighbor, Canada—Glacier Park (US)/Waterton Lake National Park are part of a combined park system—the the Prince of Wales Hotel with all the yellow daffodils in bloom is simply gorgeous—then there is the Kurimoto Japanese Gardens in Edmonton, and while you are there you might want to visit Calgary [Calgary Stampede is a mad house], Banff—and don't forget Victoria, British Columbia to the west—can't talk about anything east of Alberta as I missed that part of Canada.

This is getting too long, but one more thing—Washington DC is a must—the Smithsonian, the monuments—DO NOT miss the Lincoln Memorial, or the Wall—and visit your congressman—they and their staff are very helpful—got me into the gallery at the Senate and the House of Representatives—a lot of it is just show, but if they are debating something, don't miss it—it's even more fascinating when it's a subject that you have been following