Three Vampires Go Into A Bar
Posted Thursday, November 19, 2009 10:40 PM

Three vampires go into a bar, and the bartender goes over to them.  He says,

"What'll you have?" to the first vampire.

"I vant a pint of blooood."  So the barkeep writes down his order.

The bartender asks the second vampire, "And you sir?"

The second vampire responds, "I vant a pint of blooood."  The bartender adds his request to the list.

The bartender asks the third vampire, "What'll you have?"

"I vant a pint of plaaasma."  The bartender marks down his request.

The bartender then looks over his notes and says, "Let me make sure I have this order right.  That's two bloods and a blood lite." 

Ba-doom boom!!   Sorry, they only get worse!